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S.No Name of Institute City State Name of Qualification Year Title of Research Name of Schloar Name of Guide Name of Co-guide Discussion/Conclusion Working Functional Pharmacy
1 Government Ayurved College, Patiala Patiala Punjab M.D 2021 A Comparative & Pharmaceutico Analytical Study of two types of Punarnava Guggul Cone Prepared as per Classical text and second where Guggul is Shodhit with laghu Manjish Thadi Kwath & its effect on Vatarakta w.s.r. to Govt Dr. Aabha Jhanji Dr. Harvinder Grover Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Lecturer On above said title research work was carried out where two types of Punarva Guggul were prepard One according to classical text took and the second method prepared Where guggal was shodhit with laghu manjisthadi Kwath and latu on both were suljected to analytical and clinical study 15 patints were treated with punaenva guggul (type 1) and 15 pahents were treated with (type2 guggul is shodhit with manjisthadi kwath). Their effect was chuked on gout diseases. type 2 showed lrttu results in vataeakla (Gout) with Compared to punarnava type 1 prepaeed according to classical drugs. NA